We provide you ideation and inspiration as a starting point of your space and choose the best colour scheme and materials for the look you would like to achieve.


who is it for?

This package is perfect for clients who require some expert design advice on the vision of their new space regarding colour palette and material. This will help kick start your project and get you off on the right track.


what will you receive?

  • Initial intro via email

  • Moodboard (inspiration images and general ideas)


FEES:     $550 - $750 cad + hst

LEAD TIME:    Varies from 2-4 Weeks once payment is received. 

To get started, fill out our questionnaire below.

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What is your style?
(i.e. calm, bright, airy, moody, dramatic, colourful, etc.)
(i.e. marble, granite, wood, porcelain, chrome, brass, etc.)
How do you use the space?

Next step

Email us the following information:

  • Photos of each wall of the current space, showing the full wall including the floor, ceiling and adjacent wall(s).

  • Any inspirational images or links to show us what you like.